SNG services


Our four mobile stations – our own engineers made a direct input to their design and construction –are operated by first-class technicians. This mobile service can provide you with optimized resources wherever and whenever you need them.

GlobalLink is registered with all satellite operators.

Mobility, flexibility, performance: these parameters ensure that we create optimum conditions for the transmission and reception of video and audio streams. The loyalty of our customers to GlobalLink testifies to this quality.

Available standadrds:
DVB-S and DVB-S2
SD and HD in MPEG2 or MPEG4

(Tandberg / Ericsson and Adtec equipment)                             

Mono / multi cam solutions

For current live reports we provide mono or multicam standups.


Video conferences

You can communicate with the whole world, direct from your headquarters.

Globa lLink brings the video conference within easy reach. We organize and plan your worldwide satellite links down to the smallest detail. This means you can connect quickly and conveniently with your business partners in any country worldwide.

Coordination and distribution worldwide


7 / 24 Booking

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