Wireless solutions

Aviwest Live Encoder in comination with Ka Sat uplink

3G / 4G and Ka Sat transmission


We are providing high end streaming solutions by using internet technilogy. The AVIWST  portable video uplink systems allows us to broadcast from almost every place in the world! 

It's alway a question of infrastructure, but in combination with a Ka Satellite uplink we have a powerful combination.

Live over Satellite
The DMNG PRO100 is compatible with the main portable Satellite uplink solutions such as Inmarsat BGAN, Thuraya or Eutelsat KaSat tooway. It can also feed any kind of satellite modulator by using its MPEG-2 TS ASI output.

 Live over Erthernet
The DMNG PRO100 can stream a live video over the network to a DMNG Studio or to any kind of H.264 receiver from professional IRDs (Integrated Receicer and Decoder) to VLC player.

 Live to any CDN
The DMNG PRO100 system supports the needed protocols to stream live high definition video directly to the Web or to any CDN (Content Delivery Network) or OVP (Onlive Video Platform).

Live over Wireless Networks
The DMNG PRO100 has 2 USB ports into which 2 x 3G, 4G or WiFi modems can be plugged to stream a live video over the bonded networks. The unit embeds the same powerfull bonding algorithm implemented on the DMNG PRO180 and DMNG PRO140.

Please contact us for a demonstration, show event or a dry-hire: aviwest@globallink.ch




COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)

For special events, both outside and in the studio, our «COFDM» equipment creates optimum conditions for the generation of video and audio feeds.

This is a multiple carrier process that can be regarded as the key technology for high quality mobile communication.

«COFDM» was developed at the start of the 1970’s. As no suitable digital modules were available then, «COFDM» has only recently come into its own as a serious alternative to conventional processes.


Please contact us for a demonstration, show event or a dry-hire: ofdm@globallink.ch


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